My artistic practice is landscape imagery that provides for a commentary on the interaction between people and the environment. I have produced photographs that examine and deconstruct the complex relationship between human beings, nature, and industry.

The photographs reflect an interest in using traditional photographic materials, i.e. my 4X5 field camera with a 2 ¼ by 5 inches reducing film back, to be able to achieve the panoramic format on paper. I believe in preserving the art of photography while exploring the contemporary issue of society’s never ending consumption of the environment.

Exploration using a Holga plastic camera delimited my early work. I was rebelling against the photography I was exposed to in my childhood, primarily the work of Ansel Adams. I believed Ansel Adams to be a highly literal photographer and I wanted to create photographs that were raw and organic. I found much success by using a Holga plastic camera. My untitled series on racing horses was published in Communication Arts Photography Annual 35 in August 1994. I also won a photography competition in the documentary category for the Spanish magazine El Pais in October 1996.
As my work continued to evolve, I transitioned from the Holga plastic camera to a Fuji 617 panoramic camera to capture a more extreme panoramic landscape. Within this medium I did a few projects but ultimately settled with the 4X5 Field camera using a 2 ¼ by 5 inches reducing film back, and I believe using this approach is the best compromise for capturing the iconic landscape.
My current work is all shot with a 2 ¼ by 5 inches reducing film back to capture a very simplistic view of the environment we live in. I have shot landscapes in various locations. Yet, I tend to explore things that are cityscapes with a nature element or very simplistic desert-scapes that have either an implied or obvious human element.
I am especially interested in creating a landscape with a sense of hope. My last project was a series of landscapes with a balloon. I placed a large weather balloon within the given landscape to create a narrative on hope.  Using an artificial element within the landscape images pushed my work to a deeper and more insightful level.
Ultimately, I am interested in rebelling against the digital world by embracing the old printing processes. I aspire to elevate my work into more of an art form that goes against the digital media by using photogravure.  I will continue to use a traditional camera and film medium, with some incorporation and consideration of the necessary computer based editing and copy work to still ultimately produce an organic paper based end product. This amalgam of traditional photography and printing that exposes the realities of the modern human impact on the environment is my artistic vision.